So far so good!

So my blog did exactly what i was hoping it would do on the 13th, tuesday this week.
I could not focus and just get this bracelet done - i put it out there on my blog that i needed
to focus on this bracelet and even if no one read it - i KNEW that i had stated in publicly
and really did want to make some head way on it.

After i published my post i shut my computer off, went into the studio and worked on it non-stop
until it was done!

I finished Wednesday night and mailed it to the client on Thursday!

On a completely different note i wanted to also use this blog to talk about design and ideas

My boyfriend has his car in pieces in garage SO he needed my car to go to work on Saturday morning and dropped me off at the gym parking lot 30 minutes before they were supposed to open.

The owner showed up 45 minutes after i got there so i went treasure hunting in the parking lot!

TREASURES found 3.17 Conviction Crossfit Parking lot!

 I am already making two of the large headed nails in top right corner into a pair of earrings!
and am thinking about making the large piece on top left into a wall piece somehow...not sure how
but that is what i am thinking....

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