Various Methods of Procrastinating

Isn't part of life and work procrastinating
This week I daydreamed of planting flowers as a stress reliever while i did My Fed and State Taxes
No it's not so bad when you get into it - it's the starting that is the most painful!

Unfortunately I did not get any flowers planted
ALL i got done was taking photos approximately 300
editing photos
adding items to Etsy Store
researching more shows to apply to
applying to said shows

ALL of that takes more time than you think it would
PLUS of course remember Im not in a hurry to finish it

NOW i REALLY must do my taxes
Don't mind paying my fair share I just wish the paper process wasn't so painful

The upside
when it's all done i get to get into the studio and JAM for 3 weeks before my first local show!


Strange but True

Ideas and inspiration come from some unlikely places for me
Last night I saw a bit of leaf on the floor and it instantly have me the idea for a new pair of earrings
The leaf did have a shape that I use in my designs but until that moment I saw it on the floor I had not had the idea for these particular earrings -
I am very grateful I have a suggestive mind!
I also saw something last week which struck me as beautiful which most people would think ugly
A beautiful pattern and design on the side of a work truck !


DONE and Done!

Last weekend I spent that entire time in front of a computer or a camera - took a class on how to run an Etsy shop. Learned ALOT but was too far out of studio for my sanity!

FINISHED and mailed the custom piece which i was struggling with last week

it is for some kind of meditation and HAD to be

1 & 39/64ths inch at the two horizontal pieces furthest top and bottom
in addition also had to be
1 & 39/64ths inch from the center of bottom and top piece to its corresponding top point of each triangle

THEN it had to be 1 inch from the top and bottom piece to the closest tip of the other triangle

THIS is MUCH easier to type than do!

i have all the measurements CORRECT
however it isn't perfect

it is as PERFECT as i can get it!
and that is good enough for me
Here's hoping the clients think the same thing

I can be comforted in the fact that they do NOT have magnifying glasses which magnify ALOT
so hopefully they won't see what i KNOW is there!


this is a test!

to see if my stating my intent 
keeps me honest and helps me to stay on task 

TODAY i WILL finish this piece which i have procrastinated for a VERY long time

It is always hard to make something which is not in your usual repertoire 
for me at least it is like pulling teeth to focus on something which is unchartered territory 

However I did Start said piece yesterday SO this gives me confidence 

NOW i just have to do the really hard part once again and FOCUS on one thing 

Here GOES! 


So far so good!

So my blog did exactly what i was hoping it would do on the 13th, tuesday this week.
I could not focus and just get this bracelet done - i put it out there on my blog that i needed
to focus on this bracelet and even if no one read it - i KNEW that i had stated in publicly
and really did want to make some head way on it.

After i published my post i shut my computer off, went into the studio and worked on it non-stop
until it was done!

I finished Wednesday night and mailed it to the client on Thursday!

On a completely different note i wanted to also use this blog to talk about design and ideas

My boyfriend has his car in pieces in garage SO he needed my car to go to work on Saturday morning and dropped me off at the gym parking lot 30 minutes before they were supposed to open.

The owner showed up 45 minutes after i got there so i went treasure hunting in the parking lot!

TREASURES found 3.17 Conviction Crossfit Parking lot!

 I am already making two of the large headed nails in top right corner into a pair of earrings!
and am thinking about making the large piece on top left into a wall piece somehow...not sure how
but that is what i am thinking....

Custom bracelet

It was lots of fun making this custom to order bracelet for a customer in Florida -
 she wanted a hybrid of two different bracelets she had seen on my Facebook page.
The bracelet is reversible with different details on the reverse side but since 
i LOVE rusty metal i like the washer screw side best! 

The tricky aspect about bracelets is you cannot size someone's wrist like you can for a ring.
she told me the measurement for her wrist but still not sure if this bracelet will be a little big 
if so she will have to mail it back and i will remove a link or two to make it the right length! 
FINGERS crossed she loves it AND it fits her perfectly!


Desperately Seeking FOCUS

It seems my mind and energy are either completely focused on the task at hand
thinking of one million and one things i need to get done and not being able to focus on one for longer than 5 minutes

So here is to finding that FOCUS i desperately need today and hoping to report back later today that I did indeed SUCCEED!

find some focus
work on custom bracelet
replacement earrings for someone who lost their favorite go to earrings
print out photos and drop off for show deadline which is in two days

bracelet in progress