Taking Care of Business!

One of the things I struggle with as an artist is the business side and doing multiple different aspects - I either work on paper work and nothing else or I work in the studio and forget EVERYTHING else like eating and following through on jobs and all these various tasks which keep me in business

1. Deadline for filing quarterly taxes for Colorado - a first time for me!

2. Send a small order to Miya Gallery, my favorite gallery in Weaverville NC. If i can't be there at least some of my art progeny can. - they have customers waiting for a shipment to arrive. However for the last two weeks I forgot to look up from the piece i was working on and it slipped my mind.

3. Send my new favorite piece off to one of my best customers in South Carolina he wants to try it on and see if it's a "fit" (first i have to make chain longer)

4. Start working on components for an awesome lady in Florida who wants a custom bracelet similar to one she saw on my Facebook page.

5. Also really need to start amassing a collection of work to take to my newest gallery, Boulder Gallery of Arts and Crafts, which has been on my list for weeks and I REALLY should get it there before the second week of February

6. Mail off my trade for one of my best friends Sondra, who is an amazing artist who I got to trade with
her necklace is made from a washer i found in the alley behind Miya Gallery and it is completely unique - I have never seen a washer that looks like it! Picture coming

My biggest hurdle getting it ALL done and getting work in studio done AND life maintenance on top of that

getting started

...never thought i wanted a blog, but today i just starting making one. i realized it could be like a sketchbook for me; enhancing awareness of my process and maybe it will keep me on task and honest about the steps i need to take next.