Various Methods of Procrastinating

Isn't part of life and work procrastinating
This week I daydreamed of planting flowers as a stress reliever while i did My Fed and State Taxes
No it's not so bad when you get into it - it's the starting that is the most painful!

Unfortunately I did not get any flowers planted
ALL i got done was taking photos approximately 300
editing photos
adding items to Etsy Store
researching more shows to apply to
applying to said shows

ALL of that takes more time than you think it would
PLUS of course remember Im not in a hurry to finish it

NOW i REALLY must do my taxes
Don't mind paying my fair share I just wish the paper process wasn't so painful

The upside
when it's all done i get to get into the studio and JAM for 3 weeks before my first local show!


Strange but True

Ideas and inspiration come from some unlikely places for me
Last night I saw a bit of leaf on the floor and it instantly have me the idea for a new pair of earrings
The leaf did have a shape that I use in my designs but until that moment I saw it on the floor I had not had the idea for these particular earrings -
I am very grateful I have a suggestive mind!
I also saw something last week which struck me as beautiful which most people would think ugly
A beautiful pattern and design on the side of a work truck !