DONE and Done!

Last weekend I spent that entire time in front of a computer or a camera - took a class on how to run an Etsy shop. Learned ALOT but was too far out of studio for my sanity!

FINISHED and mailed the custom piece which i was struggling with last week

it is for some kind of meditation and HAD to be

1 & 39/64ths inch at the two horizontal pieces furthest top and bottom
in addition also had to be
1 & 39/64ths inch from the center of bottom and top piece to its corresponding top point of each triangle

THEN it had to be 1 inch from the top and bottom piece to the closest tip of the other triangle

THIS is MUCH easier to type than do!

i have all the measurements CORRECT
however it isn't perfect

it is as PERFECT as i can get it!
and that is good enough for me
Here's hoping the clients think the same thing

I can be comforted in the fact that they do NOT have magnifying glasses which magnify ALOT
so hopefully they won't see what i KNOW is there!

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